fall behind = not move as quickly as, lag behind 늦어지다, 뒤떨어지다


feel like = be inclined to, want to --하고 싶다


figure out = (1) understand 이해하다   (2)solve 해결하다


fill in = (1) write in a blank[on an application form] 빈 칸을 채우다[complete]
            (2) inform,clue in (2)알려주다


fill in for = substitute for --을 대신하다


fill out = complete [an application form] 빈 칸을 채우다


find out = (1) learn 배우다   (2) discover 발견하다


fix up = repair, amend, renovate 고치다


follow in one's footsteps = do what someone else did (특히 parents) 답습하다


for a change = for something different 기분 전환으로

for the time being =  for the present time; temporarily; for now 현재로선;당분간