above all = most importantly 무엇보다도
as a matter of fact = in reality, actually 사실상
as a rule = (1) generally, 대체로    (2) customarily, 습관적으로,
at all[부정문에서] = in any way 전혀


be about to = be almost ready to 막--하려고 하다
be better off = improve one's condition 보다 나은 상태에 있다
be in favor of = support --을 지지하다, --의 편에 서다
be mixed up = be confused 혼동되다
be out of question = be completely impossible 불가능한 이야기다
be out of something = be short of something --이 떨어지다
be tired of = be frustrated with, --에 지치다
be fed up with, be sick of
be up to someone = be someone's responsibility --의 책임이다
bite off more than one can chew = 분(능력)에 넘치는 일을 하다
                       take on more responsibility than one can handle
break down = fail to work, stop functioning 고장나다
break in/on = (1)enter forcibly, Interrupt  방해하다

                    (2)wear in and make comfortable  써서 길들이다
break the news = inform, give bad news 뉴스를 전하다
break up = (1) separate of collapse --을 부수다, --을 분리하다 


bring about = happen 발생하다
(2) introduce [a topic]  제기하다
brush up on = review, study, practice 복습하다
bump into = come across, run across, -와 우연히 마주치다[encounter]
                 meet unexpectedly, run into
by and large = mostly, generally 대체로
by heart = by memory, learned word for word 외워서
by no means = in no way, not at all 결코 -가 아니다