1_03.gif  맛있게 보이네요. It's smells good looks.
1_10.gif 식기 전에 드세요. Please, go ahead before gets cold.
1_04.gif 조금 더 드실래요? Would you like(=want to) some more ?


4_12.gif 커피 좀 더 주실래요. 
    May I have a refill ?
   =May I have another cup of coffee ?  cf)More coffee (X)


4_12.gif 커피 어떻게 타드릴까요? 
     How would you like your coffee ?=Would you like cream and sufar ?
4_08.gif  설탕하나하고 프림 둘 부탁합니다. One sugar and two cream please.


1_31.gif  제가 식성이 까다로워요. I'm very fussy(=picky) about food.
4_14.gif  전 뭐든지 잘먹어요. I have a good appetite.


4_22.gif 젓가락으로 이렇게 들어야 합니다.
     You pick it up like this with chopsticks.=You can use chopsticks this.
2_50.gif 무슨 음식이죠? What is this like ? 
2_35.gif 맛이 어때요? How does it taste ?


4_17.gif 저녁식사 하세요! Come on, dinner is ready=Dinner is on!
4_30.gif 설거지는 제가 하죠. I'll do the dishes.


4_21.gif 국수가 불었어요.
    The noodles were over cooked.
    =The noodles were cooked too long.
    =THe noodles were are too soft.
1_03.gif 조금 짜요. This is a little salty.
1_02.gif 싱거운데요. It tastes flat.


5_09.gif 빵맛이 이상하다. This bread tastes stale.


5_31.gif 우유가 맛이 간것같다. This milk tastes stale.


5_38.gif 그 음식은 나한테 안맞아요. The food doesn't suit my taste.


4_12.gif 커피 마시면서 뭐좀 드실래요? What would you like for coffee ?